Biden Buy-in

By Seon Da Vijionare

Speaking from the perspective of an early middle-aged black male, I struggle

relating to a recurring theme I’ve heard regarding presidential candidate Joe Biden’s

overall positive support from the black community, as a sort of coon litmus test, in

some of the more urbane circles I frequent… I mean, whether you forgot,

“misremember,” or choose cognitive dissonance over reason, “the lesser of two

evils” was status quo until January 20, 2009, when Barack Obama was first sworn in

as President of the United States of America. As a person who proudly calls himself

an African-American, despite my Grenadian-American upbringing, I feel no personal

bias or blind loyalty to candidate Biden, or the Democrat party. I must stress,

presentism is a uniquely human phenomenon that test’s our ability to adapt to

societal changes. Do we really hold our white friends, family, or colleagues to the

standard some hold candidate Biden regarding past voting records on progressively

black issues? While magnifying the two time vice president’s past voting record on

minority progression we are simultaneously comparing this election’s alternate

choice to candidate Biden’s moral conscience and actions, normalizing the former’s

racially insensitive rhetoric and behavior. Furthermore, I spy with my little eye

brands we support that have gone to great lengths to intentionally discourage our

patronage. Yet we defend their brands like an older brother who came outside to

fight a bully messing with his younger brother and reserve our vitriol for a

presidential candidate who’s values didn’t align with black progression 40 years


Comments like “neither candidate cares about black people” from black

people makes me wonder if their only interactions are with black people. I promise

I’m not here to defend candidate Biden’s voting record or allegiances advocating

against bussing to help desegregate schools, but his 47 years in politics are basically a

half-century of publicly voting on cultural changes. How many white male

politicians from 1973 have an overwhelming pro-black voting record be it

desegregation, public assistance, equal pay, etc? Again, I’m not defending calling

desegregation an “asinine policy” anymore than I would defend President Abraham

Lincoln saying during a debate, “I agree with Judge Douglas he (the black

community) is not my equal in many respects – certainly not in color, perhaps

not in moral or intellectual endowment.” Both cases magnify negative

sentiments or actions within a greater positive purpose or context. The net totality

of the good we’ve done should outweigh our less flattering moments. How many

people judge their doctors, teachers, lawyers, or preachers by their social leanings

or voting records from ten years ago? Twenty years ago? Thirty years ago?

Equating the alternate choice to Biden, where racial issues are concerned, is

tantamount to saying caffeine is similar to cocaine because they’re both drugs. I

must reiterate, I’m not here to defend Biden’s past voting record on racial matters,

however, if President Obama saw fit to have him as his vice president for two terms

it says something about his character. What percentage of black people supported

gay marriage in 2007? I can tell you one person who didn’t: President Barack

Obama. His stances changed as he evolved. Imagine holding him to a past standard

and judging his beliefs in 2007 with our 2020 mindset. Can we say the alternate

choice, who wrote letters and paid for ads in local newspapers advocating the death

penalty for five teenagers falsely accused of rape, but never apologized or

acknowledged their innocence despite DNA evidence, changed his personal beliefs

or attitudes towards minorities? I’ve never heard Biden refer to less developed

nations as “shit hole countries.” I’ve never heard Biden discuss building a wall to

keep out Mexican “rapist, and murderers.” I’ve never heard Biden tell American

citizens to go back home, to their family’s country of origin. And I’ve never heard

Biden down play white supremacy, or embrace police brutality against minorities.

Racism can’t truly be a priority for some blacks concerned with Biden’s past

voting record, because a lot of people I hear screaming Biden is as racist as Trump

are saying so looking as fresh as can be in their Gucci flip-flops, sipping Cristal, as

they sit down to take in an NFL game. A lot has changed since Colin Kaepernick first

knelt in protest of police brutality, but what remains the same is our support of high

end products from retailers who would not dare intentionally make racial or

religious insulting comments to other specific demographics. The social media blackout

June 2, 2020 and the consumer blackout July 7, 2020 were responses to companies disrespecting black dollars. These companies continue to prosper regardless of racial offenses.

We interact with so many people in our daily lives, it’s difficult to not do business at

some point with an entity that believes your money is superior, but your race is

inferior. However, I cannot stomach listening to folks who obsess over specific

entities with recent racial strikes against the black community receiving continued

support from black America, as they downplay a culturally needed presidential

candidate over questionable votes from thirty plus years ago.

I am a proponent of cancel culture. If a position or stance offends me I seek

to understand the speaker’s angle before I make a final decision. If financial gain

motivates your desire to see the alternate choice in the White House for another

four years then God be with you. I have no gripes. You’re canceled, but I have no

gripes. No. I save my vitriol for those who offer excuses of racism as reasons they

won’t support candidate Biden, because comparatively speaking Biden isn’t the

lesser of two evils. Evil is separating babies from their mothers and keeping them in

modern-day internment camps. Evil is disrespecting people who lay they’re lives on

the line for our freedoms calling them “losers,” or ridiculing them for being captured

Evil is dispatching a private militia on American cities without governor’s consent to

abduct citizens protesting police brutality. Biden’s voting record regarding bussing

and desegregation in Delaware does not define him. There are many chapters to his

storied political career and as with any good book, he saved the best chapters for


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